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Proudly developed by the EdTech Group and supported by Junior Engineers


Proudly developed by the EdTech Group, CODEFLIX is the leading, online video streaming service for kids providing fun, engaging and educational videos on the most popular coding, robotics and digital technologies topics.

The platform offers pedagogical video tutorials, covering a range of coding languages and activities for kids of various ages and experience levels.

Learning the skills of the 21st Century has never been easier with picture in picture tutorials, expertly curated curriculums by industry professionals and endless hours of fun — learn to be a creator of technology, rather than consumers with CODEFLIX.

With awesome content spanning game development, Minecraft, app development, ROBLOX, website design, robotics with artificial intelligence, animation and other popular tech topics, all of the video tutorials have been designed to educate, entertain and inspire.

About The EdTech Group

The EdTech Group brings together best-in-class businesses in education technology to help customers within the educational ecosystem succeed in today’s digital age.

Together, our industry-leading brands, Junior Engineers, CODEFLIX, SkoolBag and Cyber Pathways, deliver world-class digital technologies education, school communications software and cyber security education to support educational institutions, corporate organisations, parents and students.

Our Brands

Digital technologies education for kids.

Software as a service (SaaS) delivering an all-in-one communication platform for schools.

Cyber security education for adults and kids.