Proudly developed by Junior Engineers, CODEFLIX is the leading, online video streaming service for kids providing fun, engaging and educational videos on the most popular coding, robotics and digital technologies topics.

The platform offers pedagogical video tutorials, covering a range of coding languages and activities for kids of various ages and experience levels.

With awesome content spanning game development, Minecraft, app development, ROBLOX, website design, robotics with artificial intelligence, animation and other popular tech topics, all of the video tutorials have been designed to educate, entertain and inspire.

Junior Engineers

Junior Engineers delivers fun, engaging and educational programs in coding and robotics for kids aged 7 – 15 to promote positive perceptions of STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths), ignite enthusiasm for digital technologies in school aged students and impart key 21st century skills that the kids of today require for the jobs of tomorrow.

Offering a range of after school, school holidays and online programs, Junior Engineers is proud to have educated over 25,000 students.

Throughout a student’s journey with Junior Engineers, they will be able to imagine, create and develop – bringing to life wonderful digital creations their young minds come up with.

Visit Junior Engineers at www.jnrengineers.com.au