CODEFLIX offers countless hours of fun and educational instructional videos designed to teach kids the latest skills in coding and robotics – the fun way! The video tutorials cover multiple coding languages using various, easily accessible software programs.

Get Started

To get started, you will need to visit the “Software Installation” tab in the menu. Here you will find links to download the various free and paid* programming software that is used in the video tutorials.

Within the Software Installation section of the site, you will also be able to access short video tutorials on installing and setting up the various software that you will be required to use.

*Please note that only Minecraft requires a paid subscription to access the software and CODEFLIX and Junior Engineers receives no financial incentive from any third party.

Following Along With Each Tutorial

While having access to two screens or two devices is great, it’s by no means necessary. If you have two screens or devices available, one screen should be used to watch the video tutorial while the other should be used to code using the appropriate coding software. If you are using one screen, you will need to toggle between CODEFLIX and the coding software. You can do this by watching the video tutorial, pausing the video where required, opening the coding software window and completing that section of the code.

The value of CODEFLIX is that you are able to pause or rewind the video until you have mastered the coding concept that is being taught.

If you have subscribed to the Premium Package, once your trial period has concluded, you will be able to download PDF resources attached to each video, which provides you with further written coding instructions.

We recommend that you start your CODEFLIX journey by watching the introductory videos in the Introduction to Coding category.  

If your child is new to programming, the best place to start is with the coding language Scratch.  Scratch offers kids a visual, drag and drop interface and allows children to express their creativity through building their own animations, interactive stories and games in a simple and user friendly way.

More advanced coders can develop their skills by exploring the tutorials using the coding languages JavaScript and Python.

For the complete range of video tutorials and categories on offer, refer to the Videos tab in the main menu.

Happy coding!