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Innovation Starts Here

Interactive, engaging and award winning STEM education programs on demand


Build and code cool robots, create video games, hack Minecraft, develop awesome mods in Roblox, build apps, websites and so much more! All of the content has been developed by qualified educators offering kids the ultimate online experience. 

CODEFLIX is a safe and ad free environment, where parents have peace of mind knowing that kids are watching the right content online. Follow step-by-step video tutorials from anywhere using any device.



CODEFLIX video tutorials require different free and paid programming software. Below are links to the required software as well as instructional videos on how to install and get set up. 

Minecraft Education Edition

In order to participate along with the Minecraft Education videos, you are required to download the Minecraft Education version of Minecraft. This requires an educational email address and is available for free. Any address from an accredited educational institution should be usable.

Availablity of access will depend on whether or not your educational institution has purchased Minecraft Education licenses. Please contact your educational institution should you have any issues with your educational institution email address not having access.

To participate along the the Minecraft Java Edition videos, you are required to download the Minecraft Java Edition. This requires the purchase of a Minecraft Java Edition license.

In order to create games and content for Roblox, you are required to download and install Roblox Studio Editor.

Any Python IDE can be used, however in the videos we use the Thonny IDE, which is particularly suited for learning Python. The appropriate Python version is automatically installed in conjunction with the IDE.

In order to participate along with of the Javascript videos, please use the P5.js online coding environment.

In order to participate along with the Scratch videos, download and install the Scratch Desktop software. Alternatively, you can use the Online Scratch Editor.


The ideal set up for your CODEFLIX experience is a laptop, or desktop computer with a headset, a mouse and if available an additional screen. This is the most comfortable way to learn coding in general. Other options include just a laptop or desktop, or even viewing the video on one device while following the steps on another device. 


The tutorials are designed and filmed by Australian qualified teachers, coders and engineers. Every module is structured in a step by step format, allowing the students to follow along, check their work, and enjoy the challenge of innovating, creating and problem solving. Each segment of code has been rigorously tested here at our HQ to ensure students get the most out of each class. Suitable for a variety of experience levels, the videos range from introductory levels up to first to second year university level! With each completed module, the student can download their own CODEFLIX certificate.


CODEFLIX provides a 7-day free trial to see if you like our courses. If you like our service, just stay on past the 7 days and your card will be automatically billed on day 8 for the subscription package you have signed up to. 

Yes, you can rebate your Creative Kids voucher against a CODEFLIX annual subscription here: 

The Creative Kids voucher only applies to annual subscriptions, not monthly subscriptions. Upon receipt of the valid voucher, CODEFLIX will reimburse the $100 back onto the credit/ debit card used for subscriptions. 


Your CODEFLIX dashboard comes equipped with everything you will need to get started with your coding adventure. Feel free to watch videos multiple times, download resources and follow the steps to get great results. If you have technical problems, please contact our customer support team at Junior Engineers Head Quarters: 1300 089 344