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Save hours of precious teaching preparation time with our "plug and play" coding tutorials

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Unlock your students' potential

Digital Technologies Curriculum

The easy-to-use platform enables you to align your coding instruction in class with outcomes in the Digital Technologies Curriculum. Guide your students to coding mastery using our best in class platform.

Engaging Content

Students get to build hundreds of digital projects, using the latest and most popular coding languages and platforms. All of the content has been designed to maximise student engagement while delivering the fundamentals of coding.

Whole School Solution

The platform offers age-appropriate modules for students aged 7 - 17. Site licenses are available for schools.

For Every Teacher

With CODEFLIX, teachers are not required to have any prior experience to teach coding to students. The platform includes comprehensive downloadable resources to support your delivery as well as certificates of completion for each student.

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Junior Engineers has been delivering high quality, engaging and FUN coding lessons across Australia to more than 50,000 students since 2013. 

We’ve harnessed this expertise to deliver on-demand coding programs to support Australian schools in the delivery of the Digital Technologies curriculum with CODEFLIX.


what you'll get
access to

Achieve key competencies in the Digital Technologies curriculum for Grades 2-10 with a comprehensive classroom ready solution that enables educators to implement coding with ease. Our growing library of tutorials has over 100 pedagogical videos led by expert instructors, covering a range of expertly curated curriculum in the world’s most popular coding languages. 

Kids code along in real time – teachers focus on supporting student’s learning. Teacher resources 

Effective teaching tools

deliver, track and assess

Set your educators up with the right tools to teach, track and assess their students’ learning in the fundamentals of coding.

CODEFLIX includes pre-programmed or build-your-own custom curriculum; student dashboards and progress tracking; completion reports and student activity summaries.

Simplifying the delivery of digital technologies

why schools love codeflix

Save HOURS in classroom prep

CODEFLIX is a classroom-ready "plug and play" learning platform that EVERY teacher can use - No coding experience needed.

One Platform, Hundreds of projects

CODEFLIX features hundreds of activities with graded tasks ranging from beginner to advanced.

Engaging learning with Expert coding teachers

Our expert instructors guide students through real-time technical coding tutorials; allowing teachers to focus on students' progress



Our award-winning, proprietary coding syllabus covers the world’s most popular coding languages in age-appropriate tiered learning programs. 

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